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From the ashes of this two man project I did one night called,
"Barbaric Cauldron"
( minus the other guy comes SacrifyxDepressive Doom mixed with Black Metal and made up of members from across the United States. The main goal with Sacrifyx is just to put out a record we can all be be proud of, not playing live shows to gain some sort of reputation, this record will be about the downfall of mankind. No light shall shine down upon this completed material. With the sadness of daily existence lingering over the Earth like a blanket now seems like the right time to do this material and release it via the internet. We will also be doing a grind record based on the movie ,"The Gate" which lyrically has been written for years but sat on a shelf. Since the title of the band is taken from the band in the film that the two children listen to that shows them that they are dealing with demons then accidently open up the gates to hell. So on one side you have what will be our serious material but the Grind stuff is more or less just to have release two recordings of genres that I love the most and have always wanted to have under my belt, both being serious but the subject matter of The Gate can be portrayed in a serious way. I have the musicians for the blackened doom. But not the grind.